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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 12:47 AM EDT

Western Maine Fly Fishing Expo 2014


Well Keith (Ktbone) and I went to the show on Saturday and we had a great time.  Below I will show the photo's we took.  The show was as good as ever and this third edition was well attended.  I saw my very good fishing buddy Joel Anderson and took a chance on the Bamboo Fly Rod he was raffling off.  Also saw Bill and Nate from North Country Angler as well as others that I know from the show.  It was a great time and we did beat the Snow, drove home in the snow but it was not bad at all.  

Thanks for the ride Keith and we need to pray for some warmer temps so we can fish Hatch Pond this spring.

See Yah

Western Maine Fly Fishing Expo 2014

by: Lee Goldsmith
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Here are the photo's from the show.

Lee's Photo's


Western Maine Fly Fishing Expo 2014











Keith's Photo's

Western Maine Fly Fishing Expo 2014


by LeeGoldsmith

After my service time (4 years active) I went to collage and obtained a Masters degree in Forestry from UNH but never really worked as a forester other then to process data from other foresters using a program to calculate volume of standing timber. From there I became a self taught programmer in FORTRAN and have worked as a programmer for a manufacturing company then got into tech support now working as a test engineer for a small company that does contract work for Hewlett Packard. Lee's Fishing Page has grown from a simple site hosted by my internet provider to being hosted now by TotalChoiceHosting and being built with Geeklog and its many plugins. LFP is now on glFusion and I believe will be for the rest of time. I hope everyone likes the site and will contribute to it.
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Dave V

Monday, March 24 2014 @ 07:26 PM EDT

Good looking bunch .Sure would have been nice to see one of you with that Bamboo. Thanks for the pictures guy's . Glad you had a good time.

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