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The Major features of the site are this:

  1. Photo Album - Users have the ability to have an album of their own and can have sub-albums below that.  Go to the block (Upper Right Column) called Album Enrollment to create your own Photo Album.  I will have many albums myself that all can see. 
  2. Forum - We have a forum that all registered users can post topics in, with many catagories and forums that posts can be added to.  If need be new forums can be created for different areas not now covered.
  3. Articles submitted by Users - This feature is great for posting a fishing story you want to relate to all users.  Photos can easily be added to the story from an album you created on the site.  Article topics are varied and can be added too or changed as need be.
  4. Resource Page - Lots of good information here.  Water release number.  Also weather can be displayed by using the weather icon and entering your town or zip code.
  5. Links Page - Here you have many links to other sites catagorized to make finding a link easier.  Users can create their own links here but they will need to be approved before they become active.
  6. Polls - I will post polls periodically and would love suggestions for more polls in the future. 
  7. Calendars - There is a personal (Accessed through "My Account") as well as a Master Calendar that users can use.  As of now the Master Calendar is used for Holidays, Special Days and Birthdays, I would love to have everyone put in there birthday in the Calendar.
  8. Event List - This is used for any Events coming in the future, all users can enter events but they need to be approved first before they show.  Feature is accessed through the "My Account" pull down.  Not being used at this time. 
  9. Private Messages - There is a PM system that users can send messages to other users.  Check "My Account" -> "Message Center" .
  10. Basic Knot Page - This is a new feature for the site as of 11/30/10.  Video's of nine basic knots needed for Fly Fishing are shown. 
  11. Chat - This is a live chat room for all to use.  See Instructions in the HELP system.
  12. HELP - The system now has about half of the help files done, this is a great resource to find answers to how to do something on the site.  Please make use and let me know what you think and areas where this can be improved.

This is a sampling of the features of the site and I do hope more people will take advantage of the interactive features of the site, the fact that users are the major contributors of the content of the site, is what makes this site unigue.  

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