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Welcome to the Lee's Fishing Page Help Wiki

You will find help for using the system here. This is going to be a work in progress system and I will try to keep the Wiki up to date and add new items as I find time to do it.

The Wiki opens in a new tab. I have done this so you can have the site open its own tab and see how to do something and just change tabs to use the info you learn from the Wiki. So when you finish just close the tab.

Help Areas

Just click on the Icon or Help Link to find out more about each subject listed here.

Help Topics Help Topics
Login/Register HelpLogin/Register Help
Things covered will be How to Register,
Login, How to stay Logged In and
How to Change your Password
Updated: Mar. 2017
Forum HelpForum Help
Things covered will be Community Moderation,
Posting Photo's in a Forum post,
Posting Video's in a Forum post,
How to add an Avatar and Signatures,
How to create links
Photo Album HelpPhoto Album Help
Things covered will be Album Creation,
Uploading Photo's, Album Configuration
and much more
Submit Article HelpSubmit Article Help
Things covered will be General Options,
Publish Options and
Adding Photo's to the Story
Search HelpSearch Help
How to use the Search System
Updated: Mar. 2017
PM Message Center HelpPM Message Center Help
Coming Soon
Advanced Editor HelpAdvanced Editor Help
Coming Soon
Helpful TipsHelpful Tips
Catagorized Helpful Tips for the site
Updated: Mar. 2017
Calendar HelpCalendar Help
Coming Soon
Chat HelpChat Help
Things covered will be How to Log Into the Chat Room,
How to register your NickName,
and Identify your NickName so others
can't use it
Updated: Mar. 2017

You navigate the Wiki by using the links at the top of the page (see screen shot)

Navigation Links

This screen shot shows that the user is at the Posting Photo's help area. To move back to Forum Help you click the forum_help link in the string, to go back to Start click on the start link.

Enjoy the Site

Thanks for coming and I hope you find Lee's Fishing Page enjoyable.

Lee Goldsmith
Site Admin

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