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Saturday, July 11 2020 @ 06:47 AM EDT

New Forum "Book Reviews"

Hi All

I have added a new forum to the site for "Book Reviews".  This should be for revirews you can make on a book you have read.  Try to keep this on topic with reviews of Fishing Books of some sort.


by LeeGoldsmith

After my service time (4 years active) I went to collage and obtained a Masters degree in Forestry from UNH but never really worked as a forester other then to process data from other foresters using a program to calculate volume of standing timber. From there I became a self taught programmer in FORTRAN and have worked as a programmer for a manufacturing company then got into tech support now working as a test engineer for a small company that does contract work for Hewlett Packard. Lee's Fishing Page has grown from a simple site hosted by my internet provider to being hosted now by TotalChoiceHosting and being built with Geeklog and its many plugins. LFP is now on glFusion and I believe will be for the rest of time. I hope everyone likes the site and will contribute to it.
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Dave V

Thursday, November 20 2008 @ 11:28 AM EST

I think it's a great idea Lee. I know Stephen reads a ton of books I hope he will share some of his knowledge with us. Dave V

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