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Saturday, July 20 2019 @ 05:45 AM EDT

A Full Day of Fishing

Ellis River Brook Trout
Here is a short story of my day fishing in the North Conway/Jackson Area of New Hampshire.

A Full Day of Fishing
by: Lee Goldsmith
Site Admin

The day started early for me 5:45am.  First stop was to see what was happening on the South River in Effingham New Hampshire.  When I got there I was surprised to see how low the river was.  Just a few days earlier it was flowing much better, must have shut up the dam some on Provence Lake.  Fished for a short time and managed one stocked Brook Trout (No Picture).  With the flow low I headed up to the Saco to give it a try.  Once there I dawned my waders and off down to the glide by the Golf Course.  When I arrived there were three others on the glide (plenty of room for lots of people on this glide).  When I got to them I realized that one was Chris Major who I have fished with before on the glide.  One of the others was Doug who I have met on the Wildcat River in Jackson.  Long story short the fishing was very slow for me, few fish rising so I tried a Hornburg and did manage one fish to come up and take a look, but no hookup.  Stayed a while but then around 11:00am headed back and removed my waders and off to the North Country Angler.  I discovered that one of the hooks on one of my new wadding shoes had popped out.  I showed Janet and said they would send them back to Simms but to me that would take to long to get them back.  Janet then suggested taking the boot to Limmers to see if they could fix it.  Janet called and they said send him up, so off I went and got my boot fixed for $2.50, that beats waiting on Simms to fix it.  

Next stop was the Wildcat River, but before going to the Wildcat I stopped at the warehouse pool on the Ellis, Janet had said they had stocked it for the first time on Fri.  The pool was full of fish so I figured I may return.  Stopped at the Ski House pool on the Wildcat and managed many strikes and landed my first Wildcat fish of the year.

First Fish
I decided to go up to Maloon Road and fish the good pockets up that way.  I caught many 6 inch wild Book Trout in the pools below and above the bridge at Maloon Road.
Beautiful Wild Brook Trout
 All in all I think I must have caught at least 25 fish and maybe more like 30.  Some pools had many fish and they all seemed to be the same size.  I did not get any stocked fish in the Wildcat and the state has stocked it at least once this year.  I ran into another fisherman on the Wildcat who like me, loves fishing for the Wild fish that inhabit these rivers.  He was very pleasant and I gave him a card for the site in hopes he mite become a member.  Tried one other spot on the Wildcat and caught two or three more wild fish.  It was 3:15pm so I decide to go and try the warehouse pool on the Ellis before going home.  When I arrived and to my surprise the pool was empty and I was the only one fishing it.  I put on a Red Quill dry fly and proceeded to drift this fly over and over again over the many fish in the pool.  Soon I got a very strong strike but missed the fish.  Next cast I saw the fish come up off the bottom and again I missed.  A few 4 letter works and I was back casting over those fish.  Next rise was a hookup but it only lasted for about 10 sec.  I was not feeling very good at this time and was sure I had missed my opportunity at these fish.  But a short time later I hooked up with the fish showed in the first picture of this story.  Got the picture and released the fish and back at the drifts of the Red Quill.  Next hookup was a very nice fish indeed.  He was all of 14 inches or more and heavy.
Nice last fish of the day
I fished for a while longer with one more rise but no hookup.  It was now 5:00pm and time to go home.


by LeeGoldsmith

After my service time (4 years active) I went to collage and obtained a Masters degree in Forestry from UNH but never really worked as a forester other then to process data from other foresters using a program to calculate volume of standing timber. From there I became a self taught programmer in FORTRAN and have worked as a programmer for a manufacturing company then got into tech support now working as a test engineer for a small company that does contract work for Hewlett Packard. Lee's Fishing Page has grown from a simple site hosted by my internet provider to being hosted now by TotalChoiceHosting and being built with Geeklog and its many plugins. LFP is now on glFusion and I believe will be for the rest of time. I hope everyone likes the site and will contribute to it.
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Monday, June 09 2014 @ 10:34 AM EDT
Thanks for the report Lee. Glad you had more success than me!

Dave V

Saturday, June 14 2014 @ 07:47 PM EDT
 Nice report Lee . Glad they were able to fix up your boot in no time for little money . Nice looking fish as well. Love them Brookies . Well done .

Eat Sleep Fly Fish
Edited on Saturday, June 14 2014 @ 07:48 PM EDT by Dave V
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