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Tuesday, May 21 2019 @ 07:19 PM EDT

The one that got away

 Here is a little fishing story about our fishing trip . Us  meaning my nephew  Riley and myself.





Well gents I finally got to hit the streams today. Should I say me and the nephew went fishing today. You will get to meet him really soon after we get some issues taken care of first . He soon will be a member. First mom has to take a block she has set up on the computer .

Seams she doesn't want the little rascal going to sites without her permission the nerve of some moms.  Well I picked him up around 8am this morning I wanted to get out on the water before the wind picked up as well as the temps . I chose a stream that I haven't fished in years . Spring Creek . In it's hay day this stream produced some quality fish . We got to the stream around 830 . Talked to a gentleman we met up with while walking in. He said the deeper pools had some good fish and that the fish were taking dries until 11am or so then switch to a nymph. We took his advice and hit some of the deeper pools along the way . We did manage to catch a few fish but nothing like the stream produced years back in its hay day. It didn't take long before the temps were in the 80's . I have to tell you it felt way warmer then that. I asked Riley if he was interested in taking a long hike . By long a couple miles up stream to the tail water spill way . In the past this water held some very large fish . So off we went did I mention it was getting hot ? After a nice walk we came to the spill way . As we were walking I told Riley that I lost the biggest brown trout of my life in that water we were about to fish. About 12 years ago I hooked into a monster brown that my 7 wt could barely move. On the smallest fly I have ever fished with. That fish held bottom like a big old Flathead cat fish. When it did take off I had no where to land the fish. It went right into some sunken branches and that was that.

Well today the sunken branches are gone. as we walked up the bank along the spill way we noticed fish that I have no idea what they were. Orange almost I would guess a type of coy but did not look like them. I tied on a big old caddis nymph and it didn't take long until i had a 12 inch fish . I have a little video of that fish I will post later. . Then I hooked into a monster Bow . This fish made runs so fast I couldn't keep up with the fish. Here comes the crappy part . The fish took a leap 2 feet out of the water rolled over my line. Which was 7x tippet. And the fish was gone . I swear on the Holly bible that this Bow was over 25 inches . Now this is twice this spill way has offered me the largest trout it had to offer and I blew it . ( The worst part no video but I do have a witness as soon as he is a member he can back me up. I did land a very nice fat brown . He measured 21 inches and fat as a sow . Again I am sad to report no video or picture . Why because dumb ass me had the camera on standby instead of record. I thought I had a very nice video to show you.

But NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I talked to a blank camera and released on camera the prettiest brown of the past 3 years and nothing to show for it . Now if that wasn't bad enough a couple bait fisherman made their way to the spill way. Do you think they could go to the lake and l and leave us two alone . NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They sat their fat asses right in in front of us . Right across the stream. He hooked a very nice fish . Very nice and it broke him off . Served him right the SOB .  We decided it was to hot and it was time to go before I said something that might have gotten me into trouble . Last thing I wanted to do is give a bad influence to Riley. So we left . As we were walking out we met 2 more bait fisherman. I told Riley there was no sense returning to the spill way to try and catch the big bow . It's day was numbered to a worm and a treble hook. All in all we got some good laughs and had some ups and downs . That is fishing and why we are going to try and do all over again Monday.


by Dave V

Born and raised in good old Winslow Maine, joined the Air Force moved all over met my wonderful wife in Rapid City South Dakota, and settled down here with plans to move back east in the future
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Wednesday, June 13 2012 @ 08:04 PM EDT

Nice story Dave, but you made me edit it so it was not all over the place.  Why did you press return after every line of the story??  Also Smillies don't work in stories.

You are good to go to post the video.


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