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This area will feature different catagories for the Help Tips. This will be an ever changing area with new stuff being added as we discover them. So come back often to this HELP area and see what is new. I will date each help item so you can see what is new and what has been here for awhile.

Advanced Editor

  1. To get a line feed in the advanced editor do this. When you press the RETURN/ENTER key in the Advanced Editor you get a new Paragraph. If you want a new line, not a paragraph hold down the SHIFT key and press RETURN/ENTER key. This produces a line feen not a new Paragraph.

PM (Message Center)

  1. New Message Notification - 01/18/17 - will always show at the top of the Page next to the users name no matter what area of the site you are in. You must be aware and make sure you check to see if you have any new messages while logged in on the site. Also a popup will indicate a new message.

Chat Room

  1. Chat Now Opens in a New Window - When you click the link for the Chat Room it will now open in a new window. The reason for this is so you have another instance of the Web Site to what else is going on while in the Chat Room. Once you leave the Chat Room you can then just close the new window.

Forum (Account Settings)

  1. Forum Account Settings - 06/05/12 - You can set your own preferences for the forum by going to Account Settings and then click the Forum Preferences Tab. Here you can set such things as the Topics per Page, Posts per Page, Show Topic Review and how it is sorted. Give this a look if you want the Forum to be more what you want to see.

Submit an Article

  1. Permissions - 06/19/12 - DO NOT change any of the permission settings when you do a story. Use the defaults that are there when you start the story. See Image below.
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