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Forum Help

We will cover a lot of areas here about the forum and how to use many of the features it has. This will be an ever changing Wiki because of the changes that glFusion are making to make this CMS the best CMS out there. Here is a list of areas to be covered inForum Help.

Community Moderation

Community moderation is turned on and each user has the ability to vote on each other user in the system. You can only vote once for each other user in the forum.

Look for the Plus and Minus Icons under the users name, use these to vote for a person. Press the Plus Icon to give a positive vote for an individual or press the Minus Icon to give a negative vote for an individual. You can retract a vote by pressing the Icon that is still there after you have voted.

If a user gets a negative rating of -3 the user will be prohibited from posting in the forums. If a user gets a negative rating of -5 or more the user will be prohibited from viewing the forums. It is a self moderating system. There is a new forum in the Forum Index for Moderation and all users can post in it even if they have a rating of -3 or more. The reason for this forum is to let the user with a low rating plead his/her case and get their rating reset.

Posting Photo's in a Forum Post

There are several ways to insert a photo into a forum post. You can use the Attachment feature to upload a photo to the forum and use the file command to display it in the post. Another way is too use a Media Gallery Tag to display a photo in the forum post. The photo has to exist in one of your albums or for that mater any album on the site. And the last way is by posting a URL link to a photo that is posted somewhere else on the internet. I will cover each way in this topic.

Attachment Upload

You can add attachments to a forum post, and these can be photo's from your own computer. To get photo's to show in a post you need to use the File tag in the post.

The file tag can have two forms:


This form will show the photo in the post but when you click on the photo it will show as full size in a new window.

[file lightbox]n[/file]

This form is nicer in that when you click the photo a lightbox opens with the full size photo and can be easily closed with a close button. The n is the number of the attachment or photo you uploaded.

If you have already uploaded photo's to your Album you can post a photo in a forum post with this technique. First select the MediaGallery Icon Media Gallery Iconin the Editor Toolbar. Next you will see the selection window like this.

Selection Window

You select the Album from the pull down list, all albums in the system are shown and then select the media option and the photo you want to place in the forum post. Next select the photo Source, usually use Display. Now you can size the photo to easily fit in the forum post, I like 400 or less for width. Only one dimension is needed since the other will be done proportional to the one selected. Experiment with other options Border, Alignment or Link, also place a test description of the photo in the Caption field. Now press the Insert button and the code will look something like this:

Entry after you press Insert

Other text will wrap around the photo if you place it left or right, experiment to see what you can do.

External URL

The last way to post a photo in a forum post is to use a photo storied somewhere else on the internet, like Photobucket. This can be done by going to the photo you want and copy the URL for the photo, most site have a button to do this or go to properties and copy the URL from there. First select the Image Icon Image Icon in the Editor Toolbar. Next you will see the Image Properties box where you can enter the needed info to post the photo.

Image Properties Box

Paste the URL into the appropriate field along with some Alternative Text for the Photo. You can size the photo with the Width and Height boxes, only one needs to be entered and the other will fill automatically. Use the Align box to place the photo in the post. Press OK to post the photo.

You can also use the photo posted this way as a hyper link to some other place on the internet or to another area of this site. Go to the Link tab on the Image Properties Box

Alternate Link

File in the URL of the Link and also pick a Target, I recommend _blank which will put the linked page into a New Window.

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