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Community moderation is turned on and each user has the ability to vote on each other user in the system. You can only vote once for each other user in the forum.

Look for the Plus and Minus Icons under the users name,Moderation Icons use these to vote for a person. Press the Plus Icon to give a positive vote for an individual or press the Minus Icon to give a negative vote for an individual. Retract ModerationYou can retract a vote by pressing the Icon that is still there after you have voted.

If a user gets a negative rating of -3 the user will be prohibited from posting in the forums. If a user gets a negative rating of -5 or more the user will be prohibited from viewing the forums. It is a self moderating system. There is a new forum in the Forum Index for Moderation and all users can post in it even if they have a rating of -3 or more. The reason for this forum is to let the user with a low rating plead his/her case and get their rating reset.

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