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Saturday, March 25 2023 @ 04:42 PM EDT

glFusion V1.5.1 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of glFusion v1.5.1.  This release continues to fine tune glFusion, providing several minor bug fixes to our last major release.  We also added a new enhancement, increasing the size of the story and static page IDs from 40 characters to 128.

For our users who are already running glFusion v1.5.0, we are providing incremental archives which only contain the files changed from v1.5.0.  For folks running an older version of glFusion, you will need to use the full distribution archive.  For both the incremental and full distributions, once the files have been copied to your server, run the Upgrade Wizard. We hope you enjoy this new release!



Below is a full list of changes for glFusion v1.5.1:

  • Removed custom.css included in Vintage theme
  • Fixed typo in menu editor template (CMS) that prevented saving menu settings
  • Expand story id, link id, staticpage id, and poll id to 128 characters
  • Removed text shadow from off-canvas menu items
  • Updated story id input to limit sid to 40 characters
  • Fixed layout issue on search screen that breaks layout on small devices
  • Added chronometer.js (gl_moochronometer.js replacement) to vintage theme
  • Fixed error in CMS theme that prevented Link titles from being entered
  • Update youtube autotag to allow responsive videos when using UIKIT themes
  • Fixed uninitialized variable error in youtube auto tag
  • Fixed template issue with story meta data showing leading | in when author line is not displayed
  • Removed text shadow on tab labels
  • Fixed spelling error in CKEditor plugin
  • Fixed polls plugin would error when submitting vote
  • Fixed bug where stories could not be saved in draft mode
  • Minimum username setting was being applied to existing users, preventing users with short username from logging in
  • Added floatleft / floatright styles to CMS theme to support proper wrapping on [imageX] tags in stories
  • Fixed error where both username and email were required on the forgot password screen. Now only requires one or the other

Please visit the glFusion Download Area to download the latest release.


by LeeGoldsmith

I love making web sites and glFusion is the best tool out there to do this. I am hopeful that I can make many other web sites for other people.
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