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Sunday, August 07 2022 @ 06:29 PM EDT
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By: LeeGoldsmith (offline)  Jul 11 2013 14:43 pm (Read 2376 times)  

As of 7/11/13 Loon's Echo is now open for business as a provider of low cost Web Sites. 

 Let me first state that I will not be doing high powered E-commerce type sites.  The sites I will do are those of informational purposes.  Builders, Contractors are good candidates for a site done by me.  Also Stores that want to have a presents on the Web without E-commerce are also good candidates for a Web Site done by me.  Check out the web site, it is built with glFusion.  Also check out these other sites I have created.

Lee's Fishing Page

North Country Anglers

Thanks for coming and checking out Loon's Echo

Lee Goldsmith



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