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Saturday, March 25 2023 @ 04:31 PM EDT

glFusion v1.4.3 Now Available for Download

The team at glFusion.org is proud to announce that glFusion v1.4.3 is now available for download. This release continues our commitment to providing a secure, stable, and robust content management system.


glFusion v1.4.3 contains several bug fixes and also updates some third party components to the latest releases. Specifically, the CKEditor has been upgraded to v4.4.5.1 which contains several usability and stability improvements. We have also enhanced the CAPTCHA plugin included with glFusion with new CAPTCHA options.


Please review the Upgrade Documentation for detailed instructions on upgrading your existing site.


For first time installations, please refer to the Installation Documentation.


glFusion v1.4.3 Improvements

  • Updated CKEditor to v4.4.5.1
  • Forum - Fixed error where forum ranking did not always display properly.
  • SpamX - Add Allow TOR IP configuration option
  • CAPTCHA Plugin - Removed PICATCHA since the service is no longer supporting new signups.
  • CAPTCHA Plugin - Added Are You Human game support
  • CAPTCHA Plugin - Added mathmatical captcha
  • Media Gallery - Prevent moving images to root album
  • Added new configuration parameter to set minimum username length
  • Links Plugin - update root category in database when changed via online configuration
  • Locale data now maintained in the language files
  • Implemented option to disable instance caching
  • Added og:image meta data to articles
  • Fixed error that prevented batch user uploads.
  • Fixed error in Batch User Admin where short term user option did not work
  • Forum - Fixed issue where a required JS files was not loaded when wysiwyg editor was selected
  • Static Pages - Do not override the page title when static page content is provided via auto tag
  • Media Gallery - implemented a fix where data was being written to an un-initialized object causing an error on PHP v5.4+ systems.
  • Cleaned up the style sheet caching logic and implemented improvements to prevent corrupt cache files.
  • Implemented file locking when creating the style cache file to ensure multiple instances do not cause a file write error

by LeeGoldsmith

I love making web sites and glFusion is the best tool out there to do this. I am hopeful that I can make many other web sites for other people.
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