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26. T-Motion Premier Issue part I - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen
by Dave V on 04/27 12:50PM - Story - 904 Hits
27. 90 min
I found this site loaded with videos thought I would share them with you
by Dave V on 04/26 04:25PM - Story - 807 Hits
28. Fly Fishing is a joke
A small video I found thought I would share
by Dave V on 04/26 04:14PM - Story - 745 Hits
29. Fly Fishing Russia
An awesome video wish I could fish there
by Dave V on 09/15 06:53PM - Story - 967 Hits
30. Nervous Water Trailer
The guy casting in the beginning cast like me
by Dave V on 09/15 02:35PM - Story - 914 Hits
31. The Mayfly
Nice little video on the Mayfly
by Dave V on 09/02 03:00PM - Story - 1,897 Hits
32. New rules coming to help fish navigate Maine's culverts
Intresting concept
by Dave V on 07/25 06:58PM - Story - 2,378 Hits
33. North East Fly Chart
Put the date in you are going to fish. A very good chart for you North Easters
by Dave V on 07/03 11:42AM - Story - 1,959 Hits
34. Identify the rise
The authur of this article sure likes the Comparaduns, My freind Jay made me a believer of the pattern on the Big Horn
by Dave V on 07/03 11:35AM - Story - 5,107 Hits
35. Tomah Mayfly
Have you seen this Mayfly ?
by Dave V on 07/02 10:55PM - Story - 2,346 Hits
36. Roach River System Maine
I ran across an article in Fly Fish America about Landlock Salmon on the Roach River In Maine, Turn pages to 54 or in search block type in roach river click page 54 until you find article enlarge and read away
by Dave V on 05/31 09:31PM - Story - 3,560 Hits
37. 'One of the great planetary migrations'
Nearly a year after the Halifax Dam removal nearly 2 million elwives venture up the Sebasticook River in Winslow -Benton Maine . Perhaps the larget run in the country,
by Dave V on 05/31 08:53PM - Story - 2,438 Hits
38. Girls Gone Fly Fishing Calendar Video
by Dave V on 05/30 09:50PM - Story - 3,473 Hits
39. Nymphing - Part 1 and 2 Gary Borger
by Gary Borger Enterprises
by Dave V on 05/30 09:20PM - Story - 3,019 Hits
40. Under Pressure Maine Calls Off Atlantic Salmon Season
Our Friend Stephen From Atantic Salmon Anglers Found This And I Thought It Would Be Good To Post Here
by Dave V on 05/27 10:28PM - Story - 1,121 Hits
41. Tying knots for fishing
Fishing knots for everybody
by Dave V on 05/15 02:53PM - Story - 4,786 Hits
42. How to tie the Duncan Knot
Video and step by step how to tie the Duncan knot
by Dave V on 05/14 01:39AM - Story - 3,173 Hits
43. Dead Drift Streamer Fishing
How to dead drift a streamer
by Dave V on 05/08 01:38AM - Story - 1,150 Hits
44. Nymph Fishing Tecniques
Video on nymph fishing
by Dave V on 05/08 01:31AM - Story - 1,063 Hits
45. Master Fly Fisherman Gary Borger explains the basics of fly fishing.
6 video how to, with Gary Borger
by Dave V on 02/11 02:20PM - Story - 1,366 Hits
46. Hatchery seeks clues in salmon egg die-off
EAST ORLAND, Maine — Biologists are scrambling to figure out what killed an estimated 800,000 Atlantic salmon eggs
by Dave V on 02/09 12:46PM - Story - 1,155 Hits
47. Acid Rain Impact- Western Adirondack Stream Survey Released
Acid Rain Impact- Western Adirondack Stream Survey Released by Alex
by Dave V on 01/06 12:13PM - Story - 1,409 Hits
48. Good News For Atlantic Salmon
I found this to be great news for the Maine Atlantic Salmon . Go Maine
by Dave V on 12/10 06:45PM - Story - 1,202 Hits
49. Swing a wet fly
Video on how to swing a wet fly , hope you like it.
by Dave V on 12/08 07:59PM - Story - 1,393 Hits
50. Joan Wulff TeachesThe Double Haul
Joan Makes the double haul look so easy. This method of casting is must for long line cast and castin into the wind.
by Dave V on 08/06 11:50AM - Story - 2,535 Hits
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