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1. Another Season Begins
Another Season Begins By: Bill Thompson If I did the math right I have written fifth-teen columns with the title “Opening Day” or something very similar. If my luck holds out I might write another fifth-teen. That would put me right around eight-five years old, but it is doable and ...
by Mountain Angler on 04/29 12:57PM - Story - 755 Hits
2. Bills "Freakenomics" 101
Bill’s “Freakenomics” 101 By: Bill Thompson Over the winter I have reawakened my interest in photography. It has been fun and it has served to keep the old brain active. Like most photographers I have been proud enough of some of my work to want to have a few of ...
by Mountain Angler on 04/22 05:31PM - Story - 465 Hits
3. Spring
Spring By: Bill Thompson This morning, on my daily jaunt around the block, I heard a couple of loons calling out on the lake. Of course the first thing that came to mind was Ethel Thayer’s famous quote: “Come here, Norman. Hurry up. The loons! The loons! They're welcoming us ...
by Mountain Angler on 04/22 05:28PM - Story - 420 Hits
4. Trip to the Big Lake
Trip to the Big Lake By: Bill Thompson Once again it is that time of year when I male my annual pilgrimage to the “Big Lake”; Winnipesaukee. It was a glorious warm day and I had visions of big Rainbow trout cruising up the Merrymeeting River out of Alton Bay. ...
by Mountain Angler on 04/22 05:21PM - Story - 414 Hits
5. March: The Month of Agony
March: The Month of Agoiny By: Bill Thompson If you are a fisherman beware the Ides of March. This is a month that can be a cause of great agony for anglers. We have weathered a long winter without complaint, but now there is a hint of spring in the ...
by Mountain Angler on 03/28 02:51PM - Story - 424 Hits
6. The Danville Chenille Company - A New Hampshire Tradition
The Danville Chenille Company - A New Hampshire Tradition by: Bill Thompson It is a good bet that most fly tiers would agree that one of the most important ingredients in any fly would have to be the thread. Given the wide variety of different threads available to tiers today, ...
by Mountain Angler on 03/21 03:38PM - Story - 464 Hits
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