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1. No Featured Article at this Time
by LeeGoldsmith on 03/07 04:53PM - Story - 1,018 Hits
2. Fishing on Fathers day June 19, 2016
Fishing on Fathers Day June 19, 2016 By: Lee Goldsmith Was able to get out on Fathers Day and Fish. I was alone so not much to tell except I had a wonderful day on Three Rivers. Started on the Saco below First Bridge and managed three stocked brookies. I ...
by LeeGoldsmith on 06/21 10:31AM - Story - 2,724 Hits
3. First Day of Fishing 2015
Hatch Pond View It was a little late in the spring for my first day of fishing, but it was a good day. The weather was fine, warm and a lot of sun early; First stop was the South River in Effingham around 8am. Rigged the rod and tried a ...
by LeeGoldsmith on 05/01 11:57AM - Story - 3,223 Hits
4. Remembering Stephen Sprague
Stephen Sprague We have lost one of our longtime members and I am very sad. I want to pay tribute to this man, even though I never met Stephen in person I know he was a great person. I would like to relate some of the things we both had ...
by LeeGoldsmith on 10/07 04:15PM - Story - 4,631 Hits
5. A Full Day of Fishing
Ellis River Brook Trout Here is a short story of my day fishing in the North Conway/Jackson Area of New Hampshire.
by LeeGoldsmith on 06/08 04:41PM - Story - 3,003 Hits
6. Western Maine Fly Fishing Expo 2014
Well Keith (Ktbone) and I went to the show on Saturday and we had a great time. Below I will show the photo's we took. The show was as good as ever and this third edition was well attended. I saw my very good fishing buddy Joel Anderson and took ...
by LeeGoldsmith on 03/24 03:17PM - Story - 2,409 Hits
7. My Recollections of Bill Franke
Bill Franke It was sometime after Christmas this last year (2012) that I happened to be thumbing through a copy of the Conway Daily Sun and saw the obituary for Bill, I was shocked even though I was aware he was gravily ill. The write up (Posted in this story) ...
by LeeGoldsmith on 06/13 01:43PM - Story - 8,063 Hits
8. New Hampshire Trout Pond Opening April 27, 2013
Hello All Here is a little story about our day of fishing on New Hampshire Trout Pond Opening. Lee, Mark (mlowe) and Keith (ktbone)
by LeeGoldsmith on 04/28 07:39PM - Story - 7,193 Hits
9. Fishing close to Home with a member of the site
Hi All Just a little story about fishing with Hornberg on Monday afternoon. Hope you all like it, was a pleasure to meet another member of the site. Me and Hornberg (Brad)
by LeeGoldsmith on 04/23 01:20PM - Story - 3,293 Hits
10. Photo Contest Winners
Rapid River Brook Trout We have two winners of the photo contest.
by LeeGoldsmith on 04/22 11:07AM - Story - 12,529 Hits
11. Great Day on the Mountain Rivers with Good Friends
Hi All Just a little report on my fishing this Saturday. Was good to see and fish with Joel Anderson again. He had a friend with him that had taken his fly tying class and he was a great addition to the day. Read below and enjoy . Joel, Peter ...
by LeeGoldsmith on 08/27 08:12AM - Story - 4,989 Hits
12. T-Bone and Lee Fish the Mountain Rivers
Hi All Just a short little story about our (T-Bone and Lee) fishing adventures in the White Mountains. Hope you enjoy. Wildcat River Jackson NH
by LeeGoldsmith on 07/23 09:20AM - Story - 9,898 Hits
13. Rocky Branch Revisited
Hi All Just a short story of Brian Duffel and I fishing the Wildcat and the Rocky Branch Rivers. Rocky Branch and its new look
by LeeGoldsmith on 07/07 11:16AM - Story - 4,576 Hits
14. Members meet and Fish Three Rivers
Hi All Got together with Paul (Fish Carva) and his friend Chris this Sat Morning and we had a great time fishing three rivers in the North Conway/Jackson area of New Hampshire. Paul (Fish Carva), Chris and Lee
by LeeGoldsmith on 06/18 09:10AM - Story - 4,764 Hits
15. Members Fish Hatch Pond and the South River
Hi All Just a little story about our Fishing day on Hatch Pond and the South River. Keith (a.k.a. Ktbone), Ziggy and me got together on Saturday (Opening of the Trout Ponds in New Hampshire) to fish and we had a wonderful day. Please read and enjoy. Ziggy, Keith and ...
by LeeGoldsmith on 04/30 08:04AM - Story - 4,185 Hits
16. White Mountain Treasure
Hi All Here is the story of my last fishing trip with Brian Duffill. We fished one river and it was the treasure of the White Mountains, it was the Rocky Branch in Bartlett New Hampshire. So follow along and see some wonderful pictures of wild Brook Trout. Rocky Branch ...
by LeeGoldsmith on 08/25 08:00AM - Story - 4,170 Hits
17. Wild Brook Trout and a Birthday
Hi All Another story about the mountain rivers of New Hampshire on my 69th Birthday. Was a slight problem with this story!! I was to meet up with Bobby (Kype) at 9am and when he was not there at 9:30 I moved on to fish not knowing he was there ...
by LeeGoldsmith on 08/01 11:24AM - Story - 5,571 Hits
18. The Evolution of Lee's Fishing Page
Hi All, I thought it would be nice to give a little history of the evolution of Lee's Fishing Page. Below you will read how this started as something simple and grew into the site it is today.
by LeeGoldsmith on 07/13 03:40PM - Story - 2,406 Hits
19. L.L. Bean Biography: The life of L.L. Bean
Here is a video story of L.L. Bean: Maine Biography Series: 50 Min. The Life of L. L. Bean, Maine legendary Retailer and Sportsman. Narrated by Jack Perkins. This is a long video but I think worth putting on the site for everyone to see. Enjoy Lee Goldsmith
by LeeGoldsmith on 05/18 10:19AM - Story - 2,254 Hits
20. Ted Williams and the Atlantic Salmon
Here is a video about Ted Williams and the Atlantic Salmon. Please use the comment section of this story for any feedback you have on this video. Thanks Lee I have updated this with a embed that seems to work. ENJOY
by LeeGoldsmith on 04/05 08:40AM - Story - 3,505 Hits
21. Sandy River Atlantic Salmon
Here is a story by Bill Green from Channel 6 in Portlant Maine about planting Atlantic Salmon eggs in the Sandy River. Might be the way to go in the future. Enjoy
by LeeGoldsmith on 02/15 09:40AM - Story - 2,929 Hits
22. Influences in my Fishing
Lee Goldsmith I have been thinking about this ever since I read the post by Joel Anderson on "The Season of Reflection". Who influenced me and helped me to be the fisherman that I am today. This will be about the people that have given me direction and substance to ...
by LeeGoldsmith on 01/31 04:11PM - Story - 5,036 Hits
23. Once in a Blue Moon
Here is a video that Tark over at Fly Fishing in Maine found. I have posted it so everyone one can have a look. It does contain ads and is around 40 minutes long so relax and take a look, you will not regret it. Thanks Lee
by LeeGoldsmith on 12/30 01:06PM - Story - 2,389 Hits
24. Out in the Mountains Again
We did it again, Brian Duffel and I did another fishing trip in the mountains for wild Brook Trout. I hope you like the story. Rocky Branch above Forest Service Bridge
by LeeGoldsmith on 09/15 08:06AM - Story - 2,694 Hits
25. Scribner's Mill Dam Proposal (Important UPDATE)
Proposed Dam at Scribner's Mill Threatens Crooked River Salmon Go to bottom of page to see latest updates.
by LeeGoldsmith on 08/04 02:52PM - Story - 8,194 Hits
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