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1. Czech Nymphing Tutorial
Here is a series of video's found on the web that will help all of us get better at this style of fishing. If you find something that needs to be added let Dave or Lee know so it can be added. Thanks Dave
by Dave V on 06/21 09:59AM - Story - 9,474 Hits
2. The one that got away
Here is a little fishing story about our fishing trip . Us meaning my nephew Riley and myself.
by Dave V on 06/13 05:25PM - Story - 1,473 Hits
3. Hot day in April
A Hot Day In April .
by Dave V on 04/24 04:11PM - Story - 1,197 Hits
4. The New Fly Fisher - Tip #27: Nymphing Techniques
Tips from the New Fly Fisher Show . Think you will find them intresting
by Dave V on 01/02 09:47PM - Story - 1,714 Hits
5. How to Read Trout Streams for better Fly Fishing with Orvis' Tom Rosenbauer Part 1 and 2
Found these 2 videos thought you my find them to be a little helpful
by Dave V on 01/02 09:32PM - Story - 1,564 Hits
6. 30 min video on the Cutthroat
Nice 30 min video on the Cutthroat
by Dave V on 07/05 03:55PM - Story - 1,658 Hits
7. Casting into the wind
A little video to help your cast on a windy day
by Dave V on 06/29 08:18AM - Story - 979 Hits
8. Hatch Fly Fishing DVD Trailer
Nice looking video . Looking fwd to it coming out on DVD
by Dave V on 06/27 05:12PM - Story - 1,156 Hits
9. Fly Fishing Tour Teaser
I have been to a couple of these showings pretty darn cool
by Dave V on 01/05 07:24PM - Story - 1,066 Hits
10. 14 Degrees -- the Story of Wasson Creek Restoration
TU at work. A nice story of Trout Unlimited working together with Ranchers to restore a classic river
by Dave V on 12/23 08:08PM - Story - 1,185 Hits
11. Kids learning the art of fly fishing
Kids getting their start in fly fishing . I think its great . Teach a kid to fly fish and they will be more likely to stay out of trouble in my opinion. I would bet more likely respect nature also
by Dave V on 08/11 10:24PM - Story - 989 Hits
12. Michigan Fall Steelhead 2009 w/ Hawkins Outfitters
Michigan looks like a fun place to fish
by Dave V on 08/11 04:28PM - Story - 1,020 Hits
13. Casting with Weighted Lines
I am not sure if any of you have tried to cast a weighted line . I hope this video helps
by Dave V on 08/11 03:48PM - Story - 960 Hits
14. Casting Video for Kids
I found this video thought it might add something new to the site . Sense everything I post is geared to adults
by Dave V on 08/11 03:43PM - Story - 901 Hits
15. Black Hills Fly Fishing 2008
A slde show of the Black Hills SD Wy and Mt Check out the fat ass Brookie caught in Rapid Creek just below the Pactola Dam
by Dave V on 07/02 02:37AM - Story - 801 Hits
16. Fly Fishing in the Black Hills
A little video from the local fly shop talking about the local streams
by Dave V on 07/02 02:22AM - Story - 828 Hits
17. Woman.s Day Out Not For All Eyes To See
Lee made you look . LOL
by Dave V on 05/22 08:22PM - Story - 931 Hits
18. Atlantic Salmon Fishing Iceland
Look I see Atlantic Salmon being caught
by Dave V on 05/22 08:19PM - Story - 906 Hits
19. METALHEAD Drake Magazine
For the Steelhead fisherman on Lee's site
by Dave V on 05/19 07:19PM - Story - 979 Hits
20. Fly Zone Fury
A video put out by TPO called Fly Zone Fury I thought you might enjoy some steelhead footage
by Dave V on 05/08 10:10PM - Story - 830 Hits
21. T-Motion Issue #7 - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen
This video might be on here twice but it looks so good I had to post it. Auh doesn't it look like summer ?
by Dave V on 04/27 01:22PM - Story - 872 Hits
22. T-Motion Issue #5 - Fly Fishing - Catch Magazine
Cool underwater bug footage
by Dave V on 04/27 01:16PM - Story - 738 Hits
23. T-Motion Issue #4 - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen
Giant flies
by Dave V on 04/27 01:10PM - Story - 833 Hits
24. T-Motion Issue #3 part I - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen
Got to go fishng soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Dave V on 04/27 01:07PM - Story - 702 Hits
25. T-Motion Issue #2 - Catch Magazine - by Todd Moen
Looks like fun
by Dave V on 04/27 12:56PM - Story - 984 Hits
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