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The Hand and the Arm" (Joan Wulff Fly Casting)

Excerpt: "Fly casting is the back-and-forth motion of the forearm and hand within the up-and-down motion of the whole arm. The wrist moves from bent down to straight. The forearm comes back in line with the upper arm. And the elbow lifts and lowers, to engage that upper arm action. It's an overall acceleration to a stop

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Fishing Attractor Dry Flies

THIS VIDEO SEGMENT on fishing a "Dry Fly on a Stream" is from "Successful Fly Fishing Strategies" (Miracle Productions, DVD, 100 minutes), an extensive video guide to how to observe and analyze a large variety of trout fishing situations, from deep water nymphing in high water to casting streamers to undercut banks. The DVD features Gary LaFontaine, the famed author, lecturer, publisher and fly fishing instructor, who died in 2002 of Lou Gehrig's Disease, and his fishing partner Dick Sharon, an outfitter and former major league outfielder.

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The Creep and Jab

Jim McLennan shows how to diagnose and cure the creep and jab -- a serious casting affliction that can cause normally good casters to develop an unwanted tailing loop.

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