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Saturday, July 20 2019 @ 05:26 AM EDT

It was the Best of Times

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....Today I had a few hours away from the utter insanity of this past week, let's just say I have had much better.  So with the wife off shopping and a few hours before the rain hits, I decided to run off to my favorite river to try my luck and decompress a bit.  I decided to fish a section I have never tried and the water was without a doubt the lowest I have ever seen it.  So I tied on my trusty multipurpose nymph and headed out to the first set of riffles and pools.  After about an hour of probing I finally caught the smallest brookie I had ever seen, had to been a native.

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Florida Flats Fly Fishing

This isn't much of an article really, but I wanted to share an audio slide show of a wonderful flats fly fishing trip my wife and I had in SW Florida yesterday with Captain Dan LeGere yesterday.  If you haven't ever tried flats fishing, I recommend it for sure.


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My latest experiences.

by: Theron (a.k.a T-Bone22581)

This is a little story about what I have been upto as of late.  Sorry no pictures.  I have learned as of late that it is not easy to take pics when you are by yourself.  Trying to pose a fish and take a picture is way too difficult.  I suppose that would be a good reason to use the net.

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