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glFusion provides a unified search system that works across all types of site content, including stories, forum posts, files, photos, pages, and any other plugins that hook into the search functionality. The search also honors glFusion's security system, so only items the user has the rights to view are returned in the results.

The main search mechanism is the Search menu item at the top of the page.

Search Menu Item

A simplified one is also located in the site header of the default CMS theme.

Quick Search Box

Simply type your search term(s) and glFusion will scan through the site and return a list of matches.

Advanced Search Form

Clicking on the Advanced Options link next to the Search button will display a selection of advanced search filtering options. Here you can specify additional search criteria, such as searching only a particular content type, filtering by date range, customizing the search type, filtering by Author, and specifying the number of results to display on a page.

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