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Media Edit

You can edit the specific attributes of a media item by selecting the media's thumbnail from the Manage Media Item screen or from viewing the media item in Media Gallery.

Media Edit Screen

This screen allows you to modify the general attributes of the item, such as orientation, title, description, etc. You can also attach a thumbnail to the media item. If a thumbnail is attached, that thumbnail image will be displayed when viewing the album thumbnails.

Reset Views

This will reset the views counter to 0.

Reset Rating

This will erase all existing rating data for this media item.

Original Filename

This is the original filename as it was uploaded to Media Gallery. This is only an informational field that can be used if you need to export your media items.

Attached Thumbnail

This option allows you to attach a thumbnail to the media item. The attached thumbnail will be displayed in the album index view. If you want to remove an existing attached thumbnail, simply uncheck the attached thumbnail checkbox.

You can replace an existing attached thumbnail by selecting the browse button and choosing a new image to upload.

Replace File

If you want to re-upload the file or upload a new file to take the place of an existing media item, select the Replace File checkbox and specify the new file in the entry field.

Alternate URL / Remote URL

The Alternate URL is used by autotags to provide a link to an alternative location instead of the media item view. Currently the fslideshow: autotag will use this field.

The Remote URL is used by either the Streaming FLV media type or an embedded video.


The media item's title.


The media item's description


Keywords for this media item to enhance the searching feature.


The category this media item should belong to.

Capture Time

This allows you to change the capture time stored in the database.

Don't forget to hit Save to store your modifications in the database or to upload the new thumbnail or replacement file.

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