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Creating a Signature in your Profile

Signatures are used to help identify a user and the content that they enter in the system. Lee's Fishing Page has two types of signatures, a Tag Line and a Forum Signature. The Tag Line is used everywhere on the system unless you have a Forum Signature, which then is used only in the forum.

Here is how you enter signatures for your profile. Go to My Account and then select Account Settings.

Information Menu

Now go to the About You tab in the Account Settings dialog.

About You Tab

Scroll down until you come to the Tag Line field.

Tag Line Field

I have as an example my Tag Line signature, it is only a text based signature. A more robust signature is the Forum Signature. This can be a graphic signature and be quit nice if you take a little time to decide what you want.

Forum Signature

I have used my Forum Signature as an example in this screen shot. The top box is where you enter the code for your signature and the lower box shows you what it will look like. Please experiment with this and I have only one request, that you do not use anything too big and to outraggous for the forum. Remember this will show on every post you make. So a little bit of discretion will go a long ways.

When done with either or both signatures press the Save Information button.

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