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Posting Video's in a Forum Post

Embedding a YouTube Video

Posting Video's in a Forum Post is very easy on Lee's Fishing Page. You use the Embed Icon Embed Icon. First you need to go to the Video in YouTube or other video source that has embed code for the video. You don't want to use any options. I will show examples for YouTube because it is the most likely source of the video.

Embeded Video's can also be used anywhere the Advanced Editor exists, if you see the Icon for Embedded Video's is there it works the same way.

First find the Video you want to embed and look for the Share button on the screen. YouTube Share Button

Press the Share Button and you will then need to press the Embed button. Share Options

When Embedding a Video make sure the width is not greater then 600, because this will make the post blow out the right side of the page.

Next highlight the code by clicking on the code window and right click your mouse and select copy. Now go to your forum post to embed the Video in the forum post. Click the YouTube Embed Icon Embed Icon after placing the cursor where you want the Video to show in the Forum Post. You will see this popup to copy your Code into. Make sure there is an active cursor in the popup window and press Ctl V to paste the code in the window. Embed Code Window

After you paste the code you need to use the Alignment option on the popup. Select Center as the alignment. Alignment Option

Last step is to press the OK button to place the video in the Forum Post. You will see something like this representing the video. This is how the embed will look like in the editor

Embedding a Vimeo Video

There is no Icon for this embedding. You use a Tag to do it. The tag is

[vimeo:ID height:PX width:PX align:LEFT/RIGHT pad:PX responsive:0/1]

The ID is found in the URL of the video (see below).

vimeo ID

In most cases you only need the ID, height and width will use the default. As for alignment you can center the tag to have the video centered on the page. Make sure you place the tag on a separate line.

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