First Day of Fishing 2015

Hatch Pond View

It was a little late in the spring for my first day of fishing, but it was a good day.  The weather was fine, warm and a lot of sun early;  First stop was the South River in Effingham around 8am.  Rigged the rod and tried a few casts in two pools with not hits.  

First Day of Fishing 2015
by: Lee Goldsmith
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I thought that they may not have stocked it yet so I moved on to Hatch Pond in Eaton.  Got into my boots and proceeded down to the pond where a very large Loon was diving on a very regular basis.  No fish rising so it did not look good.  

Loon working Hatch Pond
Fished for about an hour and a half or more with no strikes at all.  Did they get fish into the pond?  I decided I needed a brake so I drove up to North Country Angler in North Conway, about a 30 minute ride.  Saw both Bill and Janet Thompson and helped Bill with the web site I built for them.  We added another fly tying video for the Adams Dry Fly.  It was getting to be around noon so I decided to head back to Hatch Pond and give it another try.  Had lunch at the parking spot and proceeded back down to the pond.  Fish were rising now when the wind let up.  So I changed to a small fly and fished the cove were the outlet is.  I managed to hook two fish but never landed either on and I did have another strike that did not hook up.  At this point it was around 3pm so I wanted to check out Shawtown Ponf in Effingham.  There were 4 other people fishing when I got there but there is plenty of room for one more.  The others were catching a few fish now and then so I tried and managed to get one fish to bet.  It was smaller then most years but I think this was because of the cold winter we had. Around 4pm it was time to move on back down and check out the South River again.  About a 20 minute ride and I was there and changed to Keith's Haron fly he gave me last year.  It worked great, the first pool provided me with two fish landed.  The next pool, a big corner pool produced one more fish.
Corner Pool Brook Trout
 I kept on going and missed a fish in a good spot but did manage several others in pools along way.  One pool gave up three fish.  I managed to land 10 fish and missed several others including two wild brook trout.  It is great to see that some wild fish do exist in this river.  Here are a cou[ple more shots of fish I landed.

Good looking Brook Trout










Different look

Last picture for this trip

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