New Hampshire Trout Pond Opening April 27, 2013

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Here is a little story about our day of fishing on New Hampshire Trout Pond Opening.

Lee, Mark (mlowe) and Keith (ktbone)

New Hampshire Trout Pond Opening April 27, 2013

by: Lee Goldsmith
Site Admin


For me the day started at 6:30am.  I was up and had breakfast and of at 6:45am.  Got some gas at Dunn Deal and coffee at Country Goods and Groceries.  I got to Hatch Pond in Eaton around 7:30am and had no idea that Keith and mark were already there.  Thjey had gotten there around 6:30am.  I met with Rich in the parking area and introduced myself and told him about the site.  He now is a member.  I proceeded down to the pond and discovered that Mark and Keith were already fishing and into a lot of fish.  So I proceeded down to the damb area of the pond, this is a very easy area to wade.  With a soft hackle fly I started catching fish.  

Good looking Hatch Pond Brookie
They seemed to be everywhere.  Mark, Keith and Rich were all fishing from a float tube.  We fished the pond until 12 noon and tooka break and had lunch at the Eaton Country Store, we all had Turkey, Bacon and Cranberry sandwich's.  We now headed south to the the South River in Effingham.  Keith and I had great luck here but Mark was hard pressed to hookup with a fish.  In time we will get Mark going good on stream fishing.  Take a look at the slide shows of my pictures from both sites.


Hatch Pond April 27, 2013

South River April 27, 2013


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