Fishing close to Home with a member of the site

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Just a little story about fishing with Hornberg on Monday afternoon.  Hope you all like it, was a pleasure to meet another member of the site.

Me and Hornberg (Brad)

Fishing close to Home with a member of the site

by: Lee Goldsmith
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After a conversation with Brad (Hornberg) on the site he invited me to fish with him on Monday (April 22nd) in the afternoon.  I met up with Brad at his home in Sanbornville NH and we were off to the small stream he has fished before in the years past.  We arrived at the stream and did a short walk on a snowmobile trail to where we would start fishing and work our way back up stream.  We both started with nymphs, Brad with a small beadhead nymph and me with a small beat up pheasant tail nymph.  I managed the first fish, a very small wild

Small wild Brook Trout
Brook Trout.  We fished several other good little runs but not much was happening.  Brad managed to see a few fish he spooked but hookups were not happening.  We finally came to a very nice looking piece of water and Brad tried it.  He had switched to Pheasant Tail nymph by then and I remarked that there should be something in that run.  Several drifts through and nothing then all of a sudden Brad hooked up with a
Had to be a 8 to 9 inch wild Brook Trout.
beauty.  Brad managed one more small Brook Trout but the fishing gods were not really with us today, I believe we are a little early with all the cold weather we are having.  So we left the small stream and checked out a few other spots, only fishing at one Horne Pond in Acton Maine.  It appears that the state of New Hampshire has not put any fish in the pond as of this time.  It will happen soon though.

Hope you liked the story and I have posted slide shows of the photo's below.




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