The itch

 As the snow melts and the bird's become more vocal,we or some of us feel an unrest surging in our veins! Knowing opening day is on it's way, makes me feel giddy .. 

Trips to your favorite river of years past run through your mind, making you wonder if this season will bring something new to your first pilgrimage to that favorite spot! I will spend my spare time of the evening's tying my favorite early season fly's.Pondering the first spot to try even though most are tried and true! At best you may encounter a small midge or stone fly hatch. The water is high and cold making you wonder if you will even get a take. This however will not keep you from going because the overwhelming urge to be on the water is something you have had scene the last day of fall. I try to occupy my between time with many other outdoor activities like Hunting, Snowmobiling, Hiking and even an occasional Hard water fishing trip or a trip for Sea Run's on a warm February day. Though these keep me busy, My heart belongs to the open water. Whether it be a River,Brook,Stream or Ocean that is my cup of tea.When the alder leaves are as big as a mouse's ear the Spring Peepers scream with deafening song's, we will be in full swing. The Wild iris have almost passed and the black fly's are becoming fierce, The sound of woodcock in the evening and the slap of a beaver's tail on your way off your favorite water. That my friend is what it's all about. Catching fish on a fly, is merely  just one of the things you do as you witness all the rest of this land's great things. 

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