Members Fish Hatch Pond and the South River

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Just a little story about our Fishing day on Hatch Pond and the South River.  Keith (a.k.a. Ktbone), Ziggy and me got together on Saturday (Opening of the Trout Ponds in New Hampshire) to fish and we had a wonderful day. Please read and enjoy.

Ziggy, Keith and Lee

Members Fish Hatch Pond and the South River

by: Lee Goldsmith

Site Administrator

The day started out cold and a little windy.  I got up at 5:30 am knowing that it takes about 45 minutes to get to the meeting place at Hatch Pond.  This allowed me to go to the Eaton Village Store and get some hot breakfast before meeting up with Keith and Ziggy.

At 7:30 am they arrived at the meeting place and I got to know the two as I have never met them before.  We all suited up in waders to fish the shore line of the pond.  By the way this is a very easy pond to fish from shore.  There are many places to wade out and the bottom for the most part is solid and easy to walk on.  The only trick is to make sure you don't trip over a submerged log as I did twice and luckily did not fall.  We started out by walking down the shore to the outlet of the pond and we all took up positions and started fishing.  Keith was the first to hook up and then Ziggy. 

Lee in the foreground and Keith with a fish on
It would be awhile before I caught my first fish but my intentions were to get those two into fish and that happened.  Keith got three fish real quick and then things started to slow down some as the wind was a little brisk at times and made casting a little bit of a chore.  We all started to move around to different spots on the pond and trying different flies to see what we could do.  Like I said it was quite slow for awhile in the early morning.

Keith said he wanted to try the Float Tub that Ziggy brought with them so up to the truck he went and got the tub.  Ziggy and I kept trying different spots on the shore and now and then a fish would get caught.  Keith was underway in the Tub and was having a great deal of good luck and was catching many fish, some he said were up to 14 inches in size.  Finally I did catch a fish and I was able to catch several more before the morning was over.

Lee with a nice fish from shore
  Keith was having the time of his life in the Tub.  He told me this was the first time he had used one and is thinking of buying this tube from Ziggy.
Keith with a nice Hatch Pond Brookie
  Several other fisherman showed up during our stay at the pond and three were fly fisherman from Mass.  They all have summer places up in New Hampshire.  I invited them to join the site and hopefully they will soon.  Time was getting to be around 1 pm so we decided to break from lunch, only a short ride of a mile to the Eaton Village Store for some fine eating.  I had the always good Turkey, Cranberry and Bacon Sandwich and the others had Hamburger Clubs.  After eating we decided to go and try the South River in Effingham.  This river was extremely low about a week ago but the big rain of Monday brought it back and the state had stocked it about three weeks ago.  I was not very sure if the river would produce much but it was worth a try.

At the South River we pulled into the packing place and found one other fisherman there, he was about to leave and told us he had hooked 4, so there was hope the fishing would be good.  It turned out to be much better then I had expected.  It was a little slow at the start, Ziggy had said he had a very small fish on and thought it to be a wild fish.  I assured him I dought that was the case, that river gets extremely low in the hot summer weather and I dought any fish can survive it.  I hooked into a very nice fish just below the honey hole I had some luck in two years ago.  The honey hole did not produce any fish and may be were the previous fisherman had hooked his fish.

Lee with a South River Brookie
  We all had action in the river but I seemed to do the best at this spot, and that may be because I have fished this river before.  Around 4 pm we decided to call it quits and said our good byes and that we need to do this again in the very near future.  The Saco comes to mind, will be fishing real good in about a month.











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